76˵ղķ˹ – ǶԵڻرӦŵNBA

76˵ղķ˹ – ǶԵڻرӦŵNBA
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It’ll be interesting to see how the 76ers balance Harden’s isolations and Embiid’s post-ups the rest of the way, but head coach Doc Rivers has been staggering their minutes to ensure that at least one of them is always on the court. Those are the moments where they’ll get to cook the most.

As many have mentioned since the blockbuster trade, Harden has spent most of his career playing next to athletic bigs who rim-run and play above the basket, not back-to-the-basket bullies like Embiid. Not only that, but Embiid has never been a big pick-and-roll player. He’s always preferred to pop than roll, raising questions about whether or not they could get on the same page.

It didn’t take long to put those concerns to rest.

It was clear from Game 1 that Harden-Embiid pick-and-rolls are going to be a nightmare to defend. Play them traditionally by having the opposing big drop to the paint, and it opens the door for Harden to attack downhill, get to his floater or walk into a 3.

Double or hedge to take those options away and teams run the risk of Embiid rolling to the basket with someone like D’Angelo Russell serving as the last line of defense.

Bring an additional defender over and Harden will find the open man more often than not.

Switch, and, well, you know.

The fact that Embiid can pick-and-pop gives Harden even more space to work in the halfcourt. Embiid is a legitimate three-level scorer. Only five players have made more midrange jumpers than him this season, and he’s canning 35.1 percent of his 3-point attempts.

Between the two of them, Harden and Embiid have an answer to pretty much anything the defense can throw at them in a pick-and-roll.

Last season, only two teams averaged more fastbreak points per game than the 76ers. Prior to acquiring Harden, 13 teams were ahead of the 76ers in that category.

That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise considering Philadelphia was without Ben Simmons, who is one of the best transition players in the league.


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